Brief report on Hospice week activites for Leratong Hospice

Leratong hospice were extremely proactive during hospice week and have shared some of their fun-filled activities with us all in aid of raising awareness around hospice

01st May 2017

Leratong Hospice visited Gazankulu Clinic in Saulsville to share hospice and palliative care information with the staff of the clinic and patients and visitor coming into the clinic. The information included the services offered at the hospice, the referral procedure and what is a hospice. Also assist the communicate with checking their BP.

02nd May 2017

Visited Atteridgeville Shopping centre (Plazza), with the information desk with the palliative care information, Leratong Hospice referral forms and the procedure to be followed when referring a patient to the hospice. How to be involved with the hospice and support the services at the hospice. The team also gave health education and assist taking BP for the community, referring of people to the relevant health facility should the people require further information and or investigation.

03rd to 05th May 2017

The hospice visited Lotus Gardens Shopping centre and the community to spread the work on what is the hospice how to access the service of the hospice. Health education to the community and referral/link the client to relevant care facilities.

08th May 2017

The hospice continued with the hospice week during the following week as part of the build up for the Candle lighting ceremony which was to be held on the 21st at Saulsville Arena and the MEC of Health In Gauteng was to visit Leratong Hospice before the going to the main venue of the candle lighting to witness the services of the hospice to the community. The hospice also send the announcement to the local radio station (Pheli FM) for sharing with the community and inviting them to the venue.