Butterfly Box Welcomes Grace Ramsay!

Launched on the 10 October 2015 at Threads Project in Woodstock, the Butterfly Box project continues to soar.

With the collaboration of the Hospice Palliative Care Association of South Africa (HPCA) and the Lonely Road Foundation, this pop-up shop is the very first initiative to take place in South Africa.

Stocked with only designer and top quality male and female clothing and accessories, it has become a favoured shopping destination for unique and designer items at budget prices.This platform will assist these two charities on educating the public about palliative care with all proceeds being shared between them.

Grace Ramsay, mother of 3 has joined our exciting team as a volunteer ensuring that the pop-up store is well displayed and handles the receiving and sorting of stock. Grace, who has been involved in Public Relations in the early 1990’s decided to take a break from her busy schedule to focus on her children.Once her children were old enough, she slowly started getting involved again and was approached by Jenny Handley Performance to use her expertise and experience to grow this initiative. She has wonderful ideas for the Butterfly Box. “People often host birthday parties. Instead of receiving gifts, why not bring clothing you no longer wear instead?” she said. This will create a great platform to not only increase stock but to also raise awareness around palliative care and what hospices do.

With the Threads Project turning 1 this Saturday, 4 June 2015 why not pop in and visit the Butterfly Box. If you have any clothing or accessories that you would like to donate, please contact:

Grace Ramsay – 082 425 3874 or Alison vd Merwe – (021) 531 0277 / alison@hpca.co.za