A hard, long journey until Bethesda stepped in

Lorenzo Seconds (32) was one of 3 people involved in a terrible accident in October 2016. Lorenzo sustained serious injuries to both his legs and one arm. He was transferred from George Hospital to Bethesda’s Intermediate Care Facility 11 October 2016 for continued treatment and rehabilitation.

Being a very active man in the past this tragedy left Lorenzo bed- and wheelchair bound. The Interdisciplinary Team compiled a care plan for him and were determined to get him walking and active again.

We were ecstatic when Lorenzo walked out of our Facility 4 months later. The day of his discharge (11 February 2017) he had one last request for us: To contact the George Herald to do a follow up article after the accident and quoted from this article in Lorenzo’s own words: “I am glad to go home but I will miss the people at Bethesda. Here at Bethesda I received first class care. The Sisters and Therapy team helped me to be able to help myself.”

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