Asiphile’s story

Our #HospiceVisits drive continues this week, with a closer look at Grahamstown Hospice. Today’s story is about a young patient, who through hospice intervention successfully managed to fight off TB.

Early in the 2015, Asiphile’s mom noticed that she had a terrible cough, breathed heavily and experienced a loss of appetite. She was very worried and decided to go to the doctor. The doctor then examined Asiphile and diagnosed her with a minor chest infection.

Even though Asiphile was taking the medication that the doctor prescribed, her mother noted that the chest infection was not getting any better, it was getting worse. They then went back to the doctor and he completed a much more in-depth check involving an x-ray scan and found out that she actually had TB.

With no reliable transport to and from the hospital to get medication for her daughter, Asiphile mother battled with this and found it be extremely difficult living in a very rural part of Grahamstown and needed to walk many km’s to find the closet transport destination.

Once transport was found, Asiphile’s mother found it vert difficult to afford to pay for transport from the farm to Port Elizabeth to the hospital and this became a major problem.

That is when Grahamstown hospice stepped in and specifically Mr. Camagu who is a male nurse at the hospice specializing in MDR TB cases. He heard of this case from Mr. Klein (who was the manager at the day hospital that Asiphile was going to get medication) and heard the struggles they were facing in getting mediation for Asiphile.

For six months Mr. Camagu visited Asiphile at the farm every morning giving her the injection, encouraging and explaining to the mother how to give the treatment to her daughter and so forth.

Mr. Camagu and Grahamstown were an amazing help. They were a real blessing in their life. Asiphile is now much healthier, and doing extremely well. Her mother is extremely grateful for the intervention that Grahamstown hospice made in their lives and for potentially saving Asiphile’s young life.

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