CaSIPO Project: Determination pays off in Ugu District!

As we continue our blog series, today we highlight the great work and impact the CaSIPO project has had in the Ugu District situated in KwaZulu – Natal.

Background of the district

The Ugu district comprises of 4 local municipalities:

  • Umdoni
  • Umzumbe
  • Ray Nkonyeni
  • Umuziwabantu

Within these municipalities, the CaSIPO project works closely with 4 sub districts namely Gamalakhe, Umzinto, Pennington and KwaMbunde .


Challenges & Solutions

Working relationships – at the beginning the districts did not want to work with CASIPO but through perseverance, determination and many engagement meetings we eventually got a break through.

Establishing of Adherence Clubs – It was difficult to recruit patients because of the resistance of districts but again our determination paid off.

Training of the facility staff – This proved to be one of the biggest challenges as it was cancelled several times but eventually we managed to facilitate one training session at a facility.

Transportation of treatment – In the Umzinto and Gamalakhe areas, delivery of treatments arrived late to patients. The use of the school health transport eventually helped eliminate this challenge.

Venues– It has always been a challenge to find a venue to host an Adherence Club. Eventually Philamtwana centers were being used.

Learning is growing. What have we learned during our CaSIPO’s journey?

  • Be able to communicate all the time.
  • Establishment of good relationships
  • Be patient and work hard.
  • Be courageous




We are so proud of the following achievements! 

Training staff on Adherence Club Facilitation and LTFU so that there is continuation of the programme and patient lives changed. Being able to have good relationships!

Our legacy we will leave behind in the District:

Capacitated District on Adherence Clubs Facilitation and LTFU!
CBOs development through CaSIPO activities.
Fostering good working relationships amongst the District, DSP, CBO and community.