Catching up with Liezl Kennedy | Project Manager of FWC Hospice

Our #HospiceVisits continues as we highlight this amazing and well-established organisation. We had a chat with Liezl Kennedy, the Project Manager at FWC Hospice. Her journey through her career started off in the hospitality industry and, eventually, she left and started her journey at FWC Hospice. When asked why the changed, she responded by saying “There is more to life than just an income”.

This sort of statement was a theme of our discussion as Liezel showed the traits of a woman who was extremely passionate about her work that this intense passion is what drives her, wakes her up in the morning and adds a smile to her face.

No monetary value attached can change that.

She discovered the hospice as she attends the church that is in the same vicinity. She heard about what they do and the impact that they are making in the community and she knew she had to get involved.

When she started, her primary role was to get involved in the project management aspect of things as well as some interaction with the patients. Through her time at FWC, this has progressed and she is now well established and contributing in an extremely positive way towards the organisation.

“I love my job and the passion towards it grows daily, purely because you at times think that there is so much wrong in your life, with so many negatives. I then encounter some of the experiences the patients go through here and I realise that I actually have nothing to complain about. This job has taught me a lot about gratitude and being grateful” she added.

She then gave us a brief overview of FWC Hospice and the organisation. They have a training and development centre which is open to the community which offers skills like Microsoft courses, learning a different language and project management to name but a few. These courses are open to anyone and all you need to pay is R50!

The hospice originated from the dream and vision of Pastor Errol Jacobs and it started in Riebeeck Street, Hursthill in the year 1996. He saw the need for an HIV Aids Hospice and started in these humble beginnings.

He had commissioned and planned the move to our new premises which was at its completion stages when he sadly passed away in November 2008.

The impact this hospice has made in the community since its inception has been truly amazing and Liezl remarks in the beginning of her journey that her understanding of the concept “hospice” was very wrong and now with her experience in the field she can confidently advocate that Hospice has a lot to do with life and the encouragement of living a full life.

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