Compassionate Palliative Care: An urgent need for the disabled

The South Coast Hospice team was reminded of the essential service we offer to our patients.In particular, to the most vulnerable in our community.

Dr Andre Nell, our palliative care trained medical officer is a paraplegic; after suffering a spinal injury when he was shot, while calling on a rural hospital. Over the last 24 years, he has managed his disability with courage and fortitude.He has had his trials and tribulations relating to his health, especially when he was diagnosed with MDR/TB. 

Just recently, after having to travel for 14 hours, he discovered that he had two bed sores which was making him feel extremely ill and after spending some time in our inpatient unit, to regain his strength, he was admitted to hospital for surgery. 

It was during this time through his experience in a private hospital that the need for palliative care in hospitals was re-enforced and that it is a matter of critical importance. 

What is more, the need for palliative care nursing to people with disabilities is key; as surely these individuals are extremely vulnerable and require specialised care and support.