Dream it. Wish it. Do It

In continuation with our #HospiceVisits in the Eastern Cape, today we meet Miennie , home-based carer for St Bernard’s Hospice.

Miennie Dorasamy, mother of 3 children was born and bred in George, Western Cape. After matriculating in 1989, she worked at an old age home in George as a carer for 7 years. It was always a dream of hers to become a nurse but due to financial difficulties, this could not happen. With Miennie being a Christian, she always asked God to put her at a place where she can be used. As the saying goes “be careful what you wish for”, Miennie’s life soon took a detour.

Occasionally Miennie visited family in the Eastern Cape. On one particular day at a funeral, a young gentleman (now her husband) met her where they fell in love, got married and she then left her job as a carer and moved to East London. For 4 years she was unemployed but still had faith that God will come through for her. This is exactly what happened as an opportunity for a carer at St Bernard’s Hospice became available. She applied and got the job!

Miennie shares her experience working in the community. “I simply love what I do especially engaging with patients ensuring that they are not defaulting and reminding them to take their medication. Relationships are very important between a patient and a carer and I do believe that this is the foundation of trust.” she said. “Trust allows a patient to be more open to you, sharing their problems and feelings as well. “She added.

One morning she visited a crèche in the area she works in where she noticed a child was not himself among the other active children running around. He was sweating, tired and was not eating and she decided to react immediately. Without any transport or money for a taxi, she decided to put the child on her back and walk 5km to the nearest clinic. After doing tests at the clinic, it was discovered that the child had TB and both lungs were infected. The child however managed to get the necessary treatment in time and recovered. Had Miennie not been there at the right place and at the right time, could things have turned out worse for this child?

Seeing a difference in the community is very important for Miennie and to what extent she does this is unmeasurable. She believes that she is at St Bernard’s Hospice for a reason and that God has granted her desires.