Focused on her goals…

As we continue our #HospiceVisits at MES Impilo Care Centre, today we meet a dynamic young women who at the age of 23 years has her goals all set in place.

Priscilla Tsotetsi is originally from the Free-State but after both her parents passed away she stayed with her sister at the Orange Farm where she was taken care of until she matriculated in 2011. She then took a gap year in 2012 and when she was ready to pursue her career, she enrolled in a Discovery programme where she came out as one of the top students! It was at this time that she came into contact with MES Impilo who was looking to employ a receptionist.

“MES has taught me a lot which includes people skills and self-management and molded me to be the person I am today – which I am very grateful for “she added. Priscilla shares that it saddens her to see an organisation like this not able to fully commit to people’s needs like they did before.

Which started with 14 beds in the IPU centre of which 6 was funded by the government, they can now only admit a maximum of 5 patients as the funding is no longer available. This has caused a serious strain on the relationships they have with clinics and hospitals as all referrals are channelled through them. “We now have an influx of patients walking in without referrals seeking help and at times there is nothing we can do for them.”

Fortunately we have a group of committed outreach teams, carers and volunteers who goes out to the communities we work in and take care of the patients in their home. We at MES take care of patients with HIV, TB and chronic illnesses such as diabetes and hypertension. MES has various branches which purely runs on donations and sponsors situated in Cape Town, Port Elizabeth, and Kempton Park & Johannesburg respectively.


Some of the challenges Priscilla is faced with is dealing with the different personalities of patients which can be very hard at times. “Setting boundaries at times must always be enforced “she added.


Funny enough, one of her biggest highlights was receiving her very first pay check at MES. Although it is something very insignificant to others, it was certainly something she felt proud of.

Future plans

While studying Public Relations to peruse her career further, Priscilla expresses that her long term goal is to become financially stable and have a place of her own with her beautiful 4 year old daughter, Lerato.

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