Knysna-Sedgefied Hospice making dreams come true

Knysna-Sedgefied Hospice have started a new project to uplift the lives and spirits of their patients and their families. Today’s story is about one of their palliative care patient’s, Lize Maree, meeting Kahn from The Parlotones in her home, at her bedside on Saturday 2nd July 2016.

Concept of the project

Ashleigh Smith was recently appointed as the Public Relations Officer and Marketer for Knsyna-Sedgefied Hospice and this has been a project that she has been passionate about getting off the ground for a while now. The workings and essence of the project revolves around the fact that the patients at the hospice are discussed in a weekly interdisciplinary team meeting which includes their medical staff, social workers, volunteer pastor and a volunteer councellor. Needs and wishes are identified and they are then brought to Ashleigh to make them happen.

Making Lize’s dream a reality

In this case it was brought to her attention that Lize always regretted not having been to a live music concert. She is a huge fan of the South African band who have achieved international success, The Parlotones! Her biggest regret is that she never attended a live concert featuring the Parlotones and Lize really wished to meet Kahn, the front man of The Parlotones and because of her declining health and being bedridden, she would never have the opportunity to go to a concert nor meet Kahn and see him live.

Ashleigh then noted this and made it happen! “I managed to get the phone number for his booking agent and I phoned her to request and discuss it and she and Kahn immediately agreed. He was playing in Knysna at the Oyster Festival festivities on the Saturday night so he gave us some time in the afternoon.” she stated

”I picked him up in my Hospice car and we drove to the patient’s house. The whole way we chatted about our patient and our Hospice and what we offer. He is a humble and caring guy and looked forward to the visit.” she continued. 

Surprising Lize

Lize didn’t know that he was coming as her parents wanted to make it a surprise. As he walked in I was afraid she wouldn’t recognise him as he wasn’t wearing his iconic stage makeup but her first words were “OH MY WORD!” as she recognised him instantly!

We then left the two of them to chat companionably for over half an hour. They chatted about their favorite movies, TV series and music. Lize told him that of the 11000 songs she has on her playlist, the band with the most songs is The Parlotones. She told Kahn how much she loves his music as the lyrics really touch her soul. She listens to music all day long as she is bedridden and on permanently on oxygen. 

In Lize’s words, “This is the best day of my life” and at the end of the visit she was quoted as saying “The best thing about being sick is Hospice”.

Looking beyond the physical/medical needs of a patient

As a Hospice we recognise that it is often hard for a healthy person to see the needs beyond the physical/medical needs of a patient. Patient’s have dreams and aspirations that they begin to realise will never manifest due to their declining health. We don’t want to minimise the importance of the pscho-social needs of our patients which has prompted us to start this project.

If you would like to get involved with this project and find out more about Knsyna-Sedgefied Hospice please visit thier website here or email