Leandro’s TB Journey

In today’s article we feature a first hand experience of how a patient was successfully treated for MDR-TB.

My name is Leandro Valentyn and this is my story of how I was treated for MDR-TB. In the beginning before I knew I had MDR-TB, my body began to feel very weak so I decided to go to the clinic; I sat on a chair until they called me in and asked me what the matter was. I told them that my body was weak and that I felt very tired, sweated at night and coughed non-stop.The testsThe sister told me what she thought was wrong with me and told me to spit in a jar and that they would send it to the laboratory to be tested. My test results came back and I went back to the clinic and the sister told me that I had MDR-TB and I asked her what MDR-TB was, she explained all about it and how dangerous it is and that I can infect other people especially those that do not take their treatment.The sister told me that I needed treatment but the clinic does not have MDR-TB treatment and that there is a hospital (Bruwelskloof Worcester) where they care for TB patients with MDR, I agreed to be admitted and arrangements were made for me at the hospital.

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