#LiveCompassion – Meet Eyethu Mkutshulwa

We continue this week with our #LiveCompassion campaign which basically entails sharing “feel good stories” with regards to our staff, patients and you our readers. The aim is to share with us your story or commitment to spreading compassion in your life and you can then stand a chance to be featured. Let’s spread some compassion!

 My name is Eyethu Mkutshulwa. I’m originally from the Eastern Cape – King Williams Town. I’m currently a student at Cape Peninsula University of Technology, studying Management and Project Management. I am in my third year.

  • What is your role at HPCA, and how are you finding it?

I’m currently an Intern at HPCA (Hospice Palliative Care of Association of South Africa) and I am managing to touch on all the departments in the organisation during my experience such as communications, finance, operations as well as spending time out in the field. It has truly been an extremely beneficial internship and I have learned a lot.

  • In what ways can one show compassion in & out of work?

I think compassion is putting yourself in someone else’s shoes who is experiencing some difficulties. Compassion is about being there for that person showing them support, encouraging them and letting them know that you are there for them.

  • Share with us your story of compassion

My compassion story was when my grandmother was in hospital from November until mid-January this year. It was a difficult time for me going to the hospital almost every day being on her side and supporting her all the way. The nurses really showed me compassion by taking care of my grandmother by bathing her, feeding her food because of the fact she was too weak to eat on her own. I really appreciate the compassion and love the nurses showed my family through that difficult time.

  • Why do you think showing compassion is important and why?

Compassion is very important because to me compassion goes hand in hand with Ubuntu. Compassion is important because everyone needs to know that someone is caring for them, thinking of them especially when they going through a difficult time. Compassion is important because without it you are nothing.

Get involved and share with us your story of compassion by emailing either eric@hpca.co.za or shaun@hpca.co.za