#LiveCompassion – Meet Louise Furmston

This week we launch our #LiveCompassion campaign which basically entails sharing “feel good stories” with regards to our staff, patients and you our readers. The aim is to share with us your story or commitment to spreading compassion in your life and you can then stand a chance to be featured.Lets spread some compassion!

  • Briefly tell me more about yourself?

My name is Louise Furmston. I was born in Zimbabwe. I have lived in South Africa for the last 36 years now, so I consider South Africa my home.

  • What is your role in HPCA?

I work in Finance department. I am a Senior Bookkeeper. I have been working for HPCA for 7 years now.

  • In what ways can one show compassion in and out of work?

Try and put yourself in that persons feet and understand what they are going through, so if they are sick understand their sickness and show support to them that is compassion.

  • Is there a story you would like to share that displayed compassion?

My personal experience here in HPCA was when my father died, it was a shock because he was in hospital for 3 weeks and he was getting better. The hospital called me and informed me that they sending him for an X-ray and 30 minutes later, they phoned to say he had passed. Two ladies that worked here at HPCA, immediately took me to a room and started brief counselling with me and sat with me more than an hour, they showed true compassion, stop whatever they were doing and took their time to sit with me even though, I hadn’t worked with them. It was a brilliant way of experiencing compassion.  

  • Do you think sharing compassion is important and why?

It’s very important because if you have no compassion you have nothing, you have no humanity, no relationship and you’ll never go anywhere unless you have compassion.

      Get involved and share with us your story of compassion by emailing either eric@hpca.co.za or shaun@hpca.co.za