“Hospice saved my life”

The great work Msunduzi Hospice have been doing has been thoroughly highlighted throughout this week with our #HospiceVisits coverage.

Today’s story is no different. A moving interview with Pieter Theron a past patient and now member of Msunduzi Hospice for the past 4 years.

What was your diagnosis?

In 2010 I was diagnosed with a brain tumour and it was a total shock to me. Before the diagnosis, I was experiencing immense pain at the back of my head going through down to my neck. When they diagnosed me with the brain tumour I felt like a death sentence was put over my name.

How did you come across ‘hospice’?

I was put into contact with hospice through my sister and mother. Once the contact was made they arranged coming to visit me at home. To be very honest with you I wasn’t really keen on the idea of hospice because of what I had heard of it. I thought they only cared for people who are going to die, so basically if you going to hospice, you are going to die! I felt that I wasn’t ready to die and that hospice was potentially not the solution for me.

How much has your perception changed of hospice?

It changed dramatically, how wrong my perception was of hospice! From the first visit they conduced where the psychologist was very open and explained to us what hospice is about and if the family had any issues regarding my illness & just to sort out the emotional factors surrounding my condition.

How exactly did hospice save your life?

At a stage in my life I went into a sugar comber because the medication I took spiked up my sugar levels dramatically. I was told by the doctors to stop taking the medication but with no further instructions at all.

Brenda, a sister at Msunduzi hospice explained me to correctly how I should stop taking that the medication and that I should not just cut it off completely. If Brenda had not told me that and guided me off the medication correctly the chances of me being alive today is extremely slim.

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