Mary’s Story

I asked Mary the question…..What difference did it make having Hospice East Rand involved in the care of your husband Brian when he was ill with cancer?

Mary wrote this response:

“We were heading into the unknown – a place of fear, filled with anxiety and heartache; a feeling of helplessness, a loss of control.My husband Brian’s cancer had finally been diagnosed as terminal.

Responding to a suggestion by the hospital to get in touch with Hospice East Rand, we contacted them and we were visited by an amazing Hospice Nursing Sister.Sister Sue’s quiet, gentle, kind, caring and efficient ways put us at ease from her first visit.She obviously couldn’t take away the terminal illness that had struck my husband, but she was able to monitor Brian’s condition, administer his medication and liaise with his doctor.

Brian was treated with dignity and respect and Sister Sue definitely brought a sense of peace to our home.We felt that we could face my husband’s last few weeks, with her walking every step of the way with us. Brian just loved Sr Sue and because of her, he was able to stay in his own home until he passed away. That was his last wish. 

Hospice East Rand had sent us a guardian angel, and our whole family will never forget Sister Sue.

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