More than just a hospice, it’s a home

As we continue our coverage of #HospiceVisits this week, the focus is on Chatsworth Hospice and the extremely positive impact they have made, particularly on their patients.

We sat down with a few of them and received first-hand stories of how Chatsworth hospice has made such a positive impact on them. We managed to have a sit down with one such patient, Lee Govender. This is her story.


Lee was diagnosed with cancer in 2010 and shortly after had a hysterectomy. Following that, there was radium and chemo treatment which she underwent Monday through to Friday, with chemo taking place on a Tuesday.

“It was an extremely difficult time in my life and at times I felt like giving up was the only option” she said. Lee is an extremely religious person and believes that God played a hand in her discovering hospice.

Her religious congregation organised a tea garden at Chatsworth Hospice and that was the first time Lee had come into contact with hospice. She had heard about this word ‘hospice’ but never ever seen or experienced it. “After the tea garden, I enquired about hospice and they told me that I was welcome to come whenever I want to.”

First encounter with hospice

My first encounter with hospice is one I will never forget. I recall being rather anxious and not sure what to expect, but on arrival I was warmly greeted by the staff.  I experienced such love, warmth and compassion from everyone involved with the hospice. The nurses spoke to me about what hospice is about and how it works, and I then admitted to them that I was currently on treatment and asked whether I would be able to join the hospice for extra support? They said of course and in a few moments I was signed up and part of the hospice; I was so happy and grateful! For the first time in my life I did not fear my disease or taking treatment because of the reassurance that Chatsworth hospice provided me with.

Home away from home

Chatsworth hospice is like my home away from home now! I really look forward to coming on a Wednesday to hospice for my weekly check-up and a day filled with activities. When we arrive at hospice there is so much for us to do and experience, from massage therapy, to a spiritual leader, therapists and even a hairstylist! It has really helped me so much, I cannot emphasise that enough.


Hospice has really helped me tremendously with so much, and I am now in my 5th year of remission. I could not have expected more from this hospice. “God has really sent his angels to Chatsworth Hospice” stated Lee. I now realise and can advocate that hospice is not only about death (like so many believe) but very much about living, as well.

Find out more about Chatsworth hospice here, and how you can get involved.