Palliative Care made convenient with wise financial planning

The Financial Planning Institute (FPI) in association with Hospice Palliative Care Association (HPCA) hosted an exclusive and informative breakfast in Rosebank.

The aim of the event held on 2 May was to create public awareness about palliative care as well as advanced healthcare planning. Relevant speakers from both institutes including Miss South, Africa Ade van Heerden, were present.

One of the goals of FPI is to establish and uphold the highest financial statuses nationwide and the partnership with HPCA was furthering that. The association also aims to implement a pro-bono planning service for hospice clients and their families.

The CEO of HPCA, Dr Liz Gwyther, gave a very comprehensive description of her institute and emphasised that ‘quality of our dying depends on who cares for us and there should be dignity in living with a sickness and dying of it’.

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