Quick thinking by Hopetown Hospices Marie Maritz saves a life

Joe immediately called his wife Marie Maritz who is a care giver at Hopetown Hospice as well as her nephew to come and assist the man who was showing visible signs of an imminent stroke or fit.

Marie rushed out with a blanket in her hand and laid the man down in a comfortable position. Joe then left for work, and later he called his wife to hear any updates. She then told Joe that after he had left her immediately summoned an ambulance to take the gentleman to the hospital, and that it arrived in good time.

I left for work but phoned my wife later just to be updated. She told me that she immediately summoned an ambulance to take the gentleman to the hospital. It arrived in good time. The man fortunately survived the ordeal thanks to the quick thinking of Marie.

Joe stated that it turned out to be that the man was an epileptic defaulter who by chance knocked on the right door at the right time for help.

“Thank God my wife Marie Maritz is one of Hopetown Hospice’s caregivers. He will now be monitored at regular intervals just to make sure he takes his medication” stated Joe Nkosi.

Hopetown Hospice are a group of dedicated people in a small Karoo town in the Northern Cape, South Africa who are passionate about helping those who need it most.

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