Running for Khanya hospice

Mike Parasaramen from the Umkomaas Athletic Club will be running the Comrades Marathon on 29 May as a fund-raiser for Khanya Hospice.

 Mike Parasaramen from the Umkomaas Athletic Club came “running” to the CEO of Khanya Hospice, Mr Neil McDonald to bring him the good news that he is wanting to “run the annual Comrades Marathon” this year on the 29th May as a Fundraiser for Khanya Hospice.

This will be Mike’s 20th Comrades and he would to celebrate this with co runners and fellow club members. 

Mike is challenging other athletes and club members to come forward and also offer support to Khanya Hospice. Mike is currently looking for companies and/or private individuals who would like to offer sponsorship. Anyone also wanting to run comrades for Hospice, should contact Neil McDonald the CEO of Khanya Hospice. 

“Khanya Hospice offers free palliative nursing care to people with life-threatening diseases and support to their families. We are not government funded and have to arrange their own events and fund-raising. Parasaramen, a man with a “heart for the people”, knows the good and humble work the Hospice nursing staff do in the area and really wants to advocate for them through the race, but more so, the amount of patients that has been seen by Hospice nursing staff have increased in the past year,” McDonald said.

He added that unfortunately, many people contact them and come into the Hospice programme at a late stage of disease when it is really difficult to make a proper intervention. 

“People must understand that we care for the living – we are trained to do pain and symptom control.”

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