South Coast Hospice gains valuable knowledge from Island Hospice

It was with great excitement that I set off on my journey to Harare, Zimbabwe on the 1st July.

Firstly, to meet up with Val Maasdorp from Island Hospice and healthcare, head of counselling and support services, and so much more; as well as my dear friend, Patrice Repar, a truly gifted and unique individual who is the associate professor of the department of music and internal medicine, and heads the Art in Medicine Program at the New Mexico University. Patrice and South Coast Hospice are connected through her interactions focussing on the care for the care giver.

This year we wanted to touch base with Island Hospice and learn from a dedicated team who knows a great deal about perseverance and sustainability. What a privilege to visit the first hospice to be established in Africa and to meet with their team. 

We spent 2 and a half days concentrating on destressing exercises, body mapping, creative techniques in writing and mindful meditations. Despite the major issues of funding, of inaccessibility to medicine and other real challenges, we came away filled with inspiration, due to their courage and their creativity and sheer love for the patients that they serve. 

The Palliative Care flag flies high over Harare, and we pay tribute to their remarkable perseverance. Well done to Bev, Val and a great team. The report backs from the Island Hospice staff were very positive and we look forward to working with them in the future.