Sr. Casbeth Mangqobe| Professional Nurse, St Francis Care Centre

This week, through #HospiceVisits we continue to highlight St Francis Care Centre. St Francis is a registered non–profit, non-denominational organisation. The Centre is multi–cultural and multi–denominational and does not discriminate or turn away anyone needing their services.

St Francis Care Centre was established in 1992 by Fr. Stan Brennan, a Franciscan Friar, after he witnessed the lonely, sometimes agonizing deaths suffered by many people in South Africa dying of AIDS, abandoned and rejected by their families and friends.

During our #HospiceVisits coverage of St Francis Care Centre we had the privilege of chatting to Sr. Casbeth who started working at St Francis Care Centre at the age of 65, after she had retired from her previous employment. She has been at St Francis since then (about 15 years).

She is now 80 years old but has the same energy levels she had 20 years ago. She is extremely passionate about her work, the patients she serves and the smiles on the faces of the people who are so grateful to have been touched by her kind spirit.

“Before I started working at St Francis I was unaware of hospice care and palliative care, however that all changed the more that I became involved.” The biggest eye opener for her was the impact, she said, of countless examples of hospitals sending them patients with a “there’s nothing more we can do” attitude.

“That’s the most satisfying and fulfilling aspect for me, when we are able to send patients home when they were only given 3 months to live, and 3 years later, guess what? They are still alive” she stated.

In Sr Casbeth Mangqobe’s opinion greater awareness of Palliative care is needed so that many more people can benefit from it.

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