The face of Breede River Hospice

#HospiceVisits continue this week with a closer look at Breede River Hospice. We had a chat with the “Face of Breede River Hospice”, Julia Demas who is the current receptionist at this lovely hospice.

  •      What were your  perceptions of “hospice” before you started working at Breede River Hospice?

         Before I started working at Breede River Hospice I definitely had a perception that hospice was a place very much associated with only death, sickly people and a very depressing practise to get involved in. How wrong I and many people who told me so were!

         Through my experience at Breede River Hospice my perception has changed completely, and while yes, death is a factor at this hospice  and many others, there is also the factors of life, light and living well! Getting through your illness, and if death occurs it’s about dying in dignity without experiencing any pain.

          With the change in perception and gaining knowledge through my experience I am very confident to tell people what hospice is about, especially those who might not necessarily have the correct information or “perception” which they should have.

  • How many years have you been at Breede River Hospice?

    This will be my third year at Breede River Hospice and before I started working here I temped at the Municipality. During these three years I have learnt a lot, so much more than I could have ever imagined. I am truly grateful and humbled for what I am experiencing.

  • In the three years that you have been at Breede River, what for you are the real highlights?

    For me personally, the real highlights are the joy’s that the children we see experience. They really look so forward to the team of Breede River Hospice visiting them. What is also a real highlight is seeing first hand our education team assist in the learning outcomes and how they all prosper from that.

    The genuine happiness that we bring into people’s lives is a real highlight, and for me it really motivates me and keeps me going. Knowing that we at times are the only reason someone is smiling today gives you so much reason to live and it’s something I truly cherish.

  • Lastly, tell us something interesting about yourself?

    I am very much passionate about nature. I love trees, the ocean and especially outdoor adventures. I would choose climbing a mountain over a 5-star hotel any day!

    Learn more about this amazing organisation here.