Toti Rotary blesses Khanya Hospice staff – 67 minutes of bliss

Mandela Day at Khanya Hospice was going to be a day that will be remembered for a long time by the staff.

President Aneska Du Pont, Toti Rotary arrived at Khanya Hospice with some of her volunteers, whom she trained in “massaging” to come and offer a massage to the “healing hands of those who always lending a helping hand – The Hospice Nursing staff”. 

They really enjoyed this “pampering and massaging of the hands, and each staff member was also given a gift from Toti Rotary to take home. Often people forget that our nursing staff are also wives, mothers, grannies and when they go home from Hospice, they also have to face the day-to-day challenges, says CEO, Neil McDonald. 

Neil calls the nurses, angels – and that is what they truly are. To work for Hospice is not about a job, it is a “calling”. Hospice staff bring “light” into a world of darkness where there are sick people.  Thanks to Rotary for this “67 minutes act of kindness” for Mandela Day.

Anyone wanting to donate to Hospice, whatever you have, can do so on 083 597 8985 or