Worldwide Hospice Palliative Care Alliance New Year resolutions put direct stakeholders and members first

As we say goodbye to 2017 and start on an exciting new chapter, staff of the Worldwide Hospice Palliative Care Alliance (WHPCA) asked ourselves: What should our New Year’s resolutions be for 2018? 

Drawing on our current work – as well as a recent consultation with WHPCA members attending the Salzburg Seminar ‘Making Change Happen’ organised by the Open Society Foundations – we decided on the following three resolutions:

  1. Listen to direct palliative care stakeholders and include them in every possible aspect of decision making and advocacy
  2. Reach out to our more than 250 members in over 90 countries, to make sure that we are truly a member-led organisation
  3. Continue to facilitate participation of both direct stakeholders and our organisational members in the highest levels of discussion around issues affecting palliative care.

We will do this through:

  • Our current and future projects aimed at enabling the voice of direct stakeholders in palliative care
  • Influencing high level policy on key issues (e.g. UHC, NCD at UN level)
  • Building new relationships  and collaborations with organisations outside of but related to palliative care
  • Providing and sharing advocacy and communications tools, including reports, social media templates, model letters to national governments on key issues
  • Facilitating advocacy campaigns and opportunities, including World Hospice and Palliative Care Day
  • International communications and information sharing through regular consultations with members, the WHPCA website, ehospice, quarterly newsletters, email and social media.

We hope that by listening to and genuinely involving those we work for, that we will make 2018 a year of positive and meaningful change for palliative care worldwide.

We look forward to developing an organisational strategy which reflects these resolutions and places direct stakeholders and member organisations at the centre of all our work.

What are your New Year’s resolutions for palliative care in 2018?

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