#LiveCompassion: When creativity meets compassion

I have always been one to try something different or unique, something out of the ordinary, something that grabs people’s attention.

In this case, when I decided to go on the hunt for 500 empty toilet rolls, and make the announcement on my Facebook page for assistance, the obvious question that came to everyone’s mind was: Why would she need to collect these toilet rolls?

The ‘empty toilet roll’ run started in November this year. The main aim is to collect 500 empty toilet rolls and fill them with some small edibles, mainly sweets.

The mission is to then distribute the sweet-filled toilet rolls to those less fortunate children out there. It’s just a little gesture of hope and a reminder that they too are thought of.

The less fortunate children out there are extremely close to my heart. My heart goes out to them and it affects me emotionally to see them suffer the way they do during the year and especially during the festive season.

I thought to myself, let’s make a difference, let’s show compassion but in a way that’s creative and not expensive either.

With the empty toilet rolls, I will be able to make it look like a little gift, and by doing this I envision that each underprivileged child who receives one, will experience a feeling of joy, happiness and most importantly bring a smile to their faces.

I have so far collected 203 toilet rolls, and I am gunning for more donations! If you would like to get involved with my ‘empty toilet roll’ run please email me: custoteddies@gmail.com