Matric pupil ‘Paying it Forward’ to Hospice

Stepping Stone Hospice and Care Services was recently the recipient of a donation in true ‘pay it forward’ style, when a Grade 12 pupil at Alberton High took money that was raised by the matric group for his benefit and chose instead to give it to Stepping Stone Hospice.

Kasheel Harripersadh was diagnosed with thyroid cancer in July last year after an endocrinologist discovered that he had an enlarged thyroid. A biopsy confirmed that he had papillary thyroid cancer. Kasheel was referred to a surgeon who operated on the infected gland. The procedure was a great success, with a scan later revealing no trace of the disease.

It was while Kasheel was undergoing all these tests and procedures that his matric group got together and decided to raise money to help ease some of potential medical costs going forward. But after the success of the operation, Kasheel felt the money could be better spent elsewhere.

A friend and fellow student, Montana Metzer, suggested Stepping Stone Hospice. Her uncle Gerald spent the last days of his life at the In-patient Unit in New Market Park “receiving the best possible care” she says. “The nurses and staff are all so compassionate, caring and friendly. I want to thank them for everything that they did to help my family. They are truly worthy of any donations they receive.”

Clinical Services Manager, Sr Sheryl Newman, was on hand to accept the R7 000 donation on behalf of Stepping Stone Hospice and called Kasheel “a champion”. She said that it’s reassuring to know that an awareness of Stepping Stone Hospice is filtering right down to the youth in our community. “It’s because of selfless people like Kasheel that organisations such as ours can continue to care for those who need it.”

Kasheel continues to be monitored with regular ultrasounds and blood tests, and he has a scan booked for January 2016 to be totally certain that he is cancer free.