Meet Genevieve Haupt : Living with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma – Part 2

Today Genevieve continues to share her story, highlighting the things that has helped her through her journey.

My mother

Where do I begin! From day one, she never pitied me, she protected me from myself and others. She thought ahead to ensure my comfort. It warms my heart thinking of how she cared for me during the most difficult time of my life. I now get the saying, God couldn’t be everywhere that’s why he created mothers.

Almost immediately after my diagnosis my mom brought me back to her house and began caring for me. She was with me at my first Oncology appointment (and every one after that), she went with me for all my scans, blood-tests, operations, all my chemotherapy and some of my radiation sessions (because there was another guardian angel who began standing in for her, more about that in a bit…).There was never a gloomy moment…which makes me smile now.  

My hair

Before I began chemotherapy, my oncologist told me my hair would begin to fall out two weeks after my first sitting. So my mom and I decided we would plan ahead…and decided to start cutting my hair shorter in preparation of this dreadful side-effect (she continued to trim my hair after treatment and still does