Help us to raise money for fuel to split across our 91 members. This will assist them in getting to patient’s homes to provide vital palliative care.



Help us improve the quality of life for people with life-limiting illnesses, their families and their carers

Everyone has a story about someone they love who has died. It touches us all.

When you ask, some people will have joy in their eyes. They will remember the good times. They will recall the death as a positive experience. Sad of course, but an opportunity to share a special time with family and friends. Sitting around the bedside in their home, telling stories, holding hands, washing and caring for their loved one.

Others will look devastated, angry, hurt. They will tell a story of their loved one losing dignity. Being treated without respect. Not receiving the care they deserved. They may have been taken to hospital because the family or nursing home wasn’t supported to provide them with the pain relief they needed. They may have been in ICU after a long battle with a chronic illness.

With your support we can directly assist friends and family members to achieve quality care at the end of life. Here are some examples of the things we can achieve:

  • Helping people talk to their family about their preferences for care at the end of life. An example is our Living matters section
  • Providing information to help patients, their families and their health care team
  • Helping people understand the benefits of palliative care