Become A Member

How to become a member of the APCC

You can become a member of the APCC by applying for Provincial Membership first.

The Provincial Chairs will undertake a site inspection and there are forms to be completed. These forms can be obtained directly from the Provincial Chairs (contact list below).

Once you are a Provincial Member, your Provincial Chair will put you forward at the next APCC Board meeting for National Membership.

Provincial Chair contact details:

The benefits of membership

The APCC’s programmes and resources aim to support and enable members to:

Develop skills and knowledge

As a member of the APCC, your staff and trustees can access opportunities to:

  • Develop skills and knowledge by attending a wide range of courses, conferences and learning events at discounted rates.
  • Apply for grant programmes to support professional development.
  • Access all of our resources, including Quality Assurance/Quality Improvements initiatives:
    • Courses/workshops/programmes for Palliative Care – each catering for different cadres of specialists
    • Access to the Standards for Palliative Healthcare Services.
    • Self-Assessment Tool (SAT) Audit tools to support the accreditation process.
    • Internal Mentorship to support accreditation and capacity building of member organisations.
    • Support and assistance in reaching APCC/COHSASA accreditation.
    • Monitoring and evaluation though Home Based Care Data Management System (HDMS) to monitor quality of care and provide credible statistics and reports to funders and Government.
    • Assistance in setting up and maintaining sound financial systems.

Grow stronger together

As a member of the APCC, your organisation will:

  • Be part of the national voice championing hospice and palliative care to key decision makers.
  • Have access to APCC-sourced international funding where possible.

Influence APCC

As a member of the APCC, your organisation will be able to:

  • Attend and vote at our AGM.
  • Be included in membership levy decision-making.

Be connected and informed

As a member of the APCC, your trustees and staff can:

  • Subscribe to regular e-newsletters focused on key areas such as income generation, hospice leadership and communications.
  • Share resources and learning with other members through our website and by joining our Regional Associations.

Be part of a well-respected brand

  • Membership brings with it credibility.
  • Credibility brings to members something that they can use to motivate to funders for funding, as well as potentially other benefits such as below:
    • Advocacy on behalf of the membership, including legislative at a national level.
    • Outreach to the community – through its members the Association helps educate the public about the benefits of palliative care.
    • Peer groups – the Association provides opportunities for peer groups to meet on a regular basis for education and the sharing of information and ideas.
    • Technical assistance on a broad range of issues is provided upon request.
    • The Association serves as a liaison at a national, regional and local level.
    • Our membership includes Leadership/Committee opportunities within the APCC.
    • Information and referral services for patients, families and health care providers.
    • Access to the E-Hospice online newsletter.
    • Access to education programs on topics and concepts for all members of the inter-disciplinary Team.
    • Inclusion in the Directory in the Find a Hospice or Palliative Care search feature on the well-visited APCC website.
    • Access to the APCC’s accredited training material.