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What is advanced care planning?

Advanced Care Planning (ACP) is the process of planning
for your future health and personal care. It includes
discussing your personal beliefs and goals for care with
your loved ones and healthcare providers.

Why it matters

Sharing your wishes and values in advance helps your
loved ones understand what treatment decisions you
would prefer in a medical crisis.

If you become unable to speak for yourself one day,
your loved ones will have peace of mind when they
make healthcare decisions on your behalf.

Who it’s for

Advanced Care Planning is for everyone, regardless of age
or state of health. Though you cannot predict the future,
you can prepare for the unexpected by letting your family
know what kind of care you’d like to receive should you
become very ill one day.

How to get started

Advanced Care Planning begins with having an open
conversation with your loved ones about your wishes
and goals for care.

Use our online tool to explore and share your care
preferences with your loved ones.

Start the Conversation

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  • 1. Welcome

    Congratulations on taking the first step in your Advance Healthcare Planning journey. Use this tool to explore your personal values, beliefs and preferences for care. You can go back or move ahead to other sections at any time by clicking on the progress bar at the top of each page. Once you're done, print, email and share your preferences with your trusted loved ones and healthcare providers. As we respect your privacy, all selections will be cleared and restored to default when you navigate away from the tool.

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