Facts & Figures

About palliative care

  • During the 2021/2022 financial year, APCC member organisations collectively served over 38,000 clients. The number of recorded patient care visits increased from 306,845 in 2020/21 to more than 340,000 in 2021/2022, during which a total of 2.49 million interventions were undertaken by care staff of APCC members.
  • The predominant diagnosis of patients was HIV/AIDS (37%), followed by Cancer (24%), Chronic Illness (18%), Covid-19 (18%) and Tuberculosis (3%).

Funding for APCC members

  • Charitable members in South Africa raise the bulk of their funding through support from their local communities including: fundraising, charity shops, legacies, hospice lotteries and investments. They receive some statutory funding although levels vary across South Africa, between the different nations and also within different regions.
  • For further financial information and trends from independent members, access our annual reports.

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