Nurse: A voice to Lead

The greatest fulfilment in working for Hospice is knowing that we can make a difference in the lives of our patients and their families. Being instrumental in bringing hope to what maybe a difficult situation.

One of our challenges is the resistance and lack of understanding to palliative care from medical staff and family members. When the patient’s wishes and needs are not taken into consideration.

Many people who have being diagnosed with a life-threatening illness fear the unknown of what lies ahead (the fear of pain, suffering and being deserted)

Our role as palliative care nurses is to provide care and comfort to the patient and their family, and not to rescue. To regard death as a normal part of life.

The advice we give to a patient facing a life-threatening disease and their families is the following: that none of us know how much time we have left and we therefore focus on the person’s quality of life rather than their quantity of life.

Overstrand Hospice is a unique environment where patients are cared for regardless of culture, race, social standing or financial means. Every patient is seen as an individual, with their own standards, norms and values.

The patients are given support by a multi professional team where the patient and their family’s needs remain the main focus. Professional support is given, clinically and psychosocially to not just the patient, but also the family and continues after the death of the patient.

This approach ensures that we as palliative care nurses, practice in a unique environment with good quality and professional nursing care.