Rina Coetzee


1. What is your name?
Rina Coetzee

2. Which hospice do you work for?
Hospice Rustenburg

3. What do you do there?
Palliative Care Nurse

4. How long have you been there?
Two years.


1. Why did you decide to focus on palliative care?
There was a need in Rustenburg and once given the opportunity I felt like I could really make a difference in the lives of the families and the patients.

2. What gives you the greatest fulfilment?
To be appreciated.

3. What do you find the most challenging?
Sick children and younger patients.

4. What do you think people find the most challenging about a life-threatening diagnosis?
To accept it.

5. What do you think that you personally bring to your job that reflects who you are as a person?
A sense of peace through conversation and humour…..

6. How do you take care of your own health and balance?
I look after my physical health by exercising every day and my mental health by allowing myself some indulgence from time to time.

7. What is your advice to anyone else wishing to join your profession?
Debriefing is important.

8. What is your advice to anyone given a life-threatening diagnosis?
Talk about the illness, get as much information as you can and most of all LIVE your life and smile often.

9. What is your advice to the loved ones of anyone who is given a life-threatening diagnosis?
Talk and get information, know what is expected and what to expect yourself.

10. How do your loved ones feel about the work that you do?
They think being able to help so many people in need is amazing.

11. What do you like the most about the hospice that you work with?
The people I work with.

12. Do you have a “motto” that you tend to live by that you would like to share?
Enjoy what you do.