St Francis Hospice (Kouga)

Hospice: St Francis Hospice (Kouga)
Name of patient: Nonza
Written by: John Adam
Diagnosis: Confidential
Message: Hospices are often misunderstood as buildings where patients spend their final days. Our members actually focus on enhancing quality of life and 90% of the care they provide is home-based.

“If there was no Hospice, I would be dead – because of Hospice I am still alive. Sr Ingrid is a unique, pure and spiritual person. She gives me strength and the will to live.” Nonza

Nonza lives with her son in Kareedouw and has been a Kouga Hospice patient since March 2021 with a terminal illness. She is bedridden and Sister Ingrid Williams visits her in Kareedouw at least every fortnight. (Kareedouw is a 140km round-trip from Jeffreys Bay).

Kouga Hospice has provided Nonza with equipment (such as a wheelchair and commode), adult diapers and a regular supply of medication, blankets, warm clothing and bedding, soup and other food items.

During Sister Williams’ most recent visit to Nonza, I, John Adam, was privileged to accompany her and to interview Nonza about her experiences with Hospice. Nonza was clearly delighted by Sister Williams’ visit and her beautiful smile brightened my day as well.

Nonza says “Sister Ingrid loves what she is doing and has a wonderful way of talking to me. I understand more about my illness. She visits me every two weeks – I can’t wait to see her! We can talk about my family issues and other problems. She understands me and my difficulties. When she leaves after a visit, I am sad.”

Kindness is a gift everyone can afford to give…

Message from Sr Ingrid:
I was so spoilt today. Got given delicious samp and chicken livers when visiting one of my patients. I was humbled and really amazed at the generosity of a very poor family! I can’t say how much joy and gratitude I felt at this small display of appreciation for Hospice care.

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