Stories of Compassion : Meet Mayele Motebele

There is a saying that goes: ” dynamite comes in small packages”. Today we meet a young man that best describes this and who has a really big heart.

1.What is your role at HPCA?

I am currently working in the Human Resources Department, as a HR Assistant.

2.You are currently furthering your studies, what are you furthering it in and how are you finding it?  

I am currently busy with my BTech – Baccalaureus Technologiae in HR Development at the Cape Peninsula University of Technology.

At times I find it very challenging because of the fact that I am doing it part time and working full time, however at the same time I also find it very interesting because of its focus on training and developing the skills of the workforce and the way in which I get to learn more through my work place and through the theory of studying at University.

3.In what ways do you show compassion in and out of work?

While at work I try my best to show compassion towards my fellow colleagues by doing small things such as making someone a cup of coffee or tea in the morning and surprising them with it, or by paying someone a small compliment about how they look or what they are wearing.

It amazes me at times when you do such a small deed of compassion, what a huge difference it makes to that person’s day and the smile it brings to their face!

When I am out of work I do the same thing because for me showing compassion should not be seen as a chore or something difficult, because it is not! It is the easiest thing I do on a day to day basis.

4.How does showing compassion make you feel on a personal level?

It makes me feel great! Especially when one shows compassion to someone who you can visibly see is having a bad day. I feel satisfied that I can bring a smile to their face and warmth to their heart just by showing compassion, something so basic but at the same time so powerful.

5.Why do you feel it is necessary to show compassion to those all around you?

Compassion forms part of humanity and as humans we all need to show each other compassion, no matter what the circumstances are. To many times we as humans overlook the power of compassion and how it plays a significant role in ones day like I have said before, once we realise the power of showing compassion, your situation will change, whether it be in your personal life or work life. Compassion has no boundaries.