Stories of Compassion: Meet Sumunthra Moodley

When it comes to showing compassion and going the extra mile for patients who need it the most,credit must be given to hospice patient carer’s.Our feature story today is about one such person, Sumunthra Moodley.

Sumunthra Moodley has been in the business of ‘hospice care’,showing compassion to those who need it most for over 4 years at St Luke’s hospice.She is a single mother and has one child, a 17 year old son.

St Luke’s hospice has had a huge influence in Sumunthra life, she completed her practical through them and shortly afterwards started working there as well. St Luke’s was the place she wanted to be at, she felt it was her calling and her home away from home.

Sumunthra’s typical day starts at 6.30am and ends at 7pm and emphasised that if you do not truly love this job then you will not last long, because this type of job is not everyone’s cup of tea, but for her it’s come as a calling she loves her job and what she does.

Sumunthra’s job is all about showing compassion, patience and care especially being in a hospice environment. She stated that there is a big emphasis made from the care givers to the patients that being in a hospice does not mean it’s the end of their life, patients must be treated with care and compassion and not as if they going to die tomorrow – and that is the big perception and stigma that is attached to hospices, that needs to be corrected.

Many patients at St Luke’s has credited the facility for its amazing compassion and care they show to the patients, many have said they receive 5 star treatment and nothing less, Sumunthra however isn’t phased by that because this is her passion and what she loves so treating patients the way she would want to be treated one day is only right!

Sumunthra and many others at hospices show compassion in ways sometimes unexplainable, question is, what about you?  If you have a compassionate story and would like to share send it to (