Template features

Custom K2 category listings

In this template you can set 3 additional category listings:

Events listing IEvents listing I

Events listing IIEvents listing II

ProfessorsProfessors listing

Professor Item ViewProfessor Item View

Event info

Event info

The event data are represented as a structure in the following code:

<div class="gkEvent">           <h3>Event Details:</h3>           <ul>                     <li><strong>Date:</strong> <span class="gkEventPeriod">                               <time datetime="10-07-2016" class="gkEventDateStart">10 July 2014</time>                               -                               <time datetime="16-07-2016" class="gkEventDateEnd">16 July 2014</time>                               </span> <span class="gkEventHours">                               <time datetime="07:00" class="gkEventTimeStart">7:00 am</time>                               -                               <time datetime="18:00" class="gkEventTimeEnd">6:00 pm</time>                               </span> </li>                     <li> <strong>Venue:</strong> <span>Poland, Krynica-Zdroj 246a</span> </li>                     <li class="gkEventRegister"><a href="#">Register</a></li>           </ul>           <time class="gkEventCounter" datetime="29-05-2013">Time left to event</time> </div>

These data are also used by the Events List portal mode in News Show Pro GK5 module.

Login or register page

The login page displays the registration view too:

Login or register page

Page suffixes

frontpage – adds some style adjustments to the page which is a homepage.

bottomX-bar – removes paddings and adds table display for the modules in the bottomX module position

bottomX-grey – adds grey background to the bottomX module position

bottomX-fullwidth – makes the bottomX module position a full width