Hospice Bloemfontein

Hospice Bloemfontein


How has mentoring from the APCC helped you and your team in your day-to-day work?

“Mentoring from especially Tersia Burger and Hillary Grey meant the world to us and has also changed the world for us!

In the time preparing for our assessment and getting all documents, policies, and procedures in place, we not only learnt a lot about the process of accreditation, but surprisingly also so much about our organisation and how we can work more productively.

We realised that much of what we are, and were, already doing just needed to be accurately documented so that the processes are clear and logical to everyone, and also demonstrated clearly where we need some additional work and adjustments, not only on paper but in our daily operations.

We are now strongly on our way to attaining our next star (s)!”

Hanneke Lubbe, General Manager. Spiritual Counsellor